Page to Screen: Looking for Alaska by John Green & Hulu

Confession time: Until last week I had never read Looking for Alaska. That’s right. You heard…er, read me. Even better, up until the week before that I had never even wanted to read Looking for Alaska. As you have gathered by the existence of this post, this has now changed. Why? Because there’s nothing like seeing an adaptation to get me cracking on the original source material before you can say, ‘The book was better’. And…I was not a huge fan. The word ‘overrated’ may have been mentioned. With that in mind, I have something controversial to say.

The mini-series is better.

Yep, that’s right, and I’ll tell you why.

* * Spoilers for the Looking for Alaska novel & TV series follow**

Fleshed Out Characters

The LFA series consists of eight episodes, each about 50 or so minutes in length. One of the biggest issues I had with the novel was that all the characters were majorly lacking in development. With the extra room to breathe, the series rectified this substantially. While Takumi still gets shafted in terms of screen time later on, Lara, the Colonel, the Eagle, Jake and Dr Hyde all benefit immensely. They’re given more expansive histories and SO MUCH greater emotional depth. Instead of casual blips popping in and out of Pudge’s periphery whenever the plot demands it, they feel more like actual characters which makes the dramatic moments of the story resonate far better.

Finding Alaska

While we’re talking characters, as someone who tackled the series first and book second, the treatment of Alaska in the novel is a travesty. She’s a teen-boy fantasy and pretty much there only to add to the male characters’ stories. I mean, the girl dies and even then she can’t escape Pudge having dreams about her “luminously full” breasts. He also later claims he’s sometimes glad she’s dead because it feels ‘pure’. I honestly wanted to slap someone. The show makes massive improvements here, too (thank goodness). By shifting the perspective beyond Pudge’s head, we get to see Alaska as a person rather than just an object to lust after. She has moments of reflection, meaningful conversations with other characters (there’s one between Alaska and Dr. Hyde which I love) and dreams about the future. More importantly, you really feel her loneliness and lowered sense of self-worth. It’s heartbreaking to watch but gives her death much greater impact.

Plot & Tone

For lovers of the book, you’ll be glad to know that the early segments are almost perfectly translated to screen with very few changes. Some exchanges of dialogue are even lifted word for word. Yet, as the series goes on, things do start to deviate but for the better:

  • There’s more time in early episodes devoted to the prank war with the Weekday Warriors adding humour and levity to balance out the sadder tone of the later episodes
  • We see more of Alaska and Jake’s relationship including one of her trips to visit him which further shows off Alaska’s state of mind
  • The ‘Alaska is a rat’ storyline has more weight, especially on Alaska and the Colonel’s friendship
  • Pudge’s relationship with Lara is better fleshed out (poor girl, she deserved better)
  • Pudge’s attraction to Alaska is more two-sided – Alaska displays clearer feelings for Pudge than in the novel and regret in pushing him away. This makes their eventual coming together feel less impulsive and more romantic

Yet, despite these changes, the show always returns to common and important plot points from the book such as Thanksgiving, ‘best-day-worst-day’ and ‘to-be-continued’. Fans will be equally happy to know that the ending of the book also remains intact in all its ambiguous and frustrating glory, complete with an overly long closing monologue from Miles worthy of a John Green novel.

Hitting Those Hard Themes

While the LFA novel touches on things like privilege and depression, the series dives deeper into these ideas as well as themes of isolation and loneliness. In my opinion, it’s when the series is at its strongest. For example, the fleshing out of Chip’s story gives us a great look at both socioeconomic and racial privilege which greatly boosts our understanding of why he’s constantly angry. The book and series also deal heavily with grief and the associated guilt. Their approach to it is very similar but again, the show has the wiggle room to take it just that bit further and expand it to more characters such as Alaska’s father, Dr Hyde and the Eagle.

Other Thoughts

  • The music in the series is fantastic. For those looking for some early 2000s nostalgia, you’ll have a blast. The playlist includes a few old-school tracks and some different sounding (but good) covers of older tracks.
  • The casting is great. While the actors may not all physically resemble their characters, they fit the spirit of them fabulously. Kristine Froseth as Alaska is fantastic and although I’ve previously seen her in The Society and Sierra Burgess, she really shines here. I also have to mention Denny Love as the Colonel who I officially adore with all my heart for his ability to make me laugh and break my heart.
  • The characters, unfortunately, still often talk in that sometimes wanky way not typical of normal people. But this is John Green after all.
  • Watching the Colonel get kicked out of consecutive basketball matches is my favourite part of the series
  • As a massive The O.C. fan, I loved all the little extras Josh Schwartz threw into the series e.g. Pudge’s first sight of Alaska replicating Ryan seeing Marissa

As I mentioned above, I find the Looking for Alaska Hulu series far stronger and enjoyable than John Green’s original novel. Still, I feel as though this is an adaptation that both lovers of the book, despite its changes, and non-book readers/lovers (like me) will connect with and like as well.

AS AN ADAPTATION: Solid. Same opening, same ending, some additions & jumbled around plot points in the middle.

AS A SERIES:  7/10 – good, would probably re-watch.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Book Tag

As my family and close friends know, I’m a big Buffy fan. Huge. Enormous. I mean, this is a show that absolutely revolutionised TV in the 90s. I pretty much try to get everyone I know to watch it at some point. Amazing characters, great dialogue, gripping plots, badass action scenes, female empowerment, one of the first ongoing gay relationships on TV, the best musical episode of a non-musical TV show ever (fight me), some corny but fun CGI…it’s just so good. Go watch it if you haven’t already.

Anyway, when I came across a book tag devoted especially to it, I knew I had to do it. Just HAD TO. This tag was originally created by Lauren over at Book Slaying but was then changed slightly by Sarah at Written Word Worlds. I’m going to do a combination of the two versions, with my own changes and additions because why not? Let’s get slayin’.

Buffy: A Character Who Lives a Double Life

Image result for buffy gif

Nova Artino (Renegades- Marissa Meyer)


There were a few options for this one but I’ve decided to go with Nova. In Renegades, Nova’s allegiance is to the so called ‘Villains’ group in society. She resents the Renegades, (who act as the city’s political body/law enforcement group) for their past failures, and believes they’re not what they claim or people hold them up to be. In order to gain valuable intelligence on the inner workings of the Renegades team, she joins them, complete with an entirely new (and fake) personal history.

Willow: A Badass Witch

Willow Rosenberg Smile GIF

Manon Blackbeak (Throne of Glass series – Sarah J. Maas)


I don’t use Throne of Glass related things for many prompts. It’s mainly because I wasn’t a huge fan of the series and only made it about 4 books in. Still, there’s no denying that Manon is 100% a badass witch. Or more specifically, a scary-ass witch. I mean, she’s killed people and actually drank their blood, has retractable iron fangs and nails, and she flies a wyvern. Combine that with an icy, ruthless and determined personality, and the end result is…well, don’t cross her if you can avoid it.

Xander: A Character Who Mostly Provides Comic Relief

M-BOT (Skyward – Brandon Sanderson)


While M-Bot certainly has its other purposes, as you do being a super advanced stealth space ship, its main contribution to Skyward is as comic relief. If you’re laughing at something during this book, 80% chance it’ll be M-Bot. Sometimes it’s talking about its drive to catalogue mushrooms, others it’s randomly hacking into Spensa’s communications channel to give commentary, and then there’s the constant crapping on poor Rig as he attempts to repair it. Regardless, M-Bot is an easy fan favourite.

Giles: A Parental Figure

Related image

Miss Honey (Matilda – Roald Dahl)


Honestly, can you guys think of a more perfect parental figure than Miss Honey? She’s kind, gentle, smart, wants the best for each of her students, and tries hard to ensure that Matilda will receive the kind of care and education that she deserves. The two develop a special bond with Matilda using her telekinetic powers to ensure the return of Miss Honey’s home and inheritance from Principal Trunchbull. By the end of the book, Matilda goes to live with Miss Honey and it’s pretty much a happily ever after.

Dawn: Favourite Sibling Relationship

Related image

Tyler & Scarlett Jones (Aurora Rising – Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman)


Ugh, Dawn. I almost changed this prompt to ‘A character you found ridiculously annoying’. There are a few sibling relationships I really love, but for the sake of variety, I’ve picked Tyler and Scarlett. Having just finished Aurora Rising, these two are fresh in my memory. They have a great degree of banter, trust one another, are able to communicate with little more than a look or a raised eyebrow, and have faith in the other’s abilities. Ty and Scarlet are squadmates and siblings but more importantly they’re good friends.

Oz: A Book With Werewolves

buffy the vampire slayer oz GIF

Nightshade -Andrea Cremer


I read this book YEARSSSSS ago and I can’t remember anything about it other than it was about werewolves and the main character’s name was Calla. Based on my GR review, I must have liked it somewhat (but not enough to read the sequel). Obviously I was drawn in by the pretty purple cover. Gosh, that’s a nice colour. I have a sneaking suspicion that I wouldn’t be so keen on it were I to read it now – male wolf dominance, love triangles and all that, but eh, it’s a werewolf book and it’s something different from my usual book tag choices.

Cordelia: A Character Who Undergoes Major Growth

Season 3 Earshot GIF

Zoya Nazyalensky (The Grisha Trilogy & King of Scars – Leigh Bardugo)


When we first meet Zoya, to put it mildly, she’s kind of a raging bitch. But after being knocked off her pedestal and then joining Alina’s & Nikolai’s fight against The Darkling, she undergoes some great character development. However, much like with Cordelia Chase, it’s a spin off that really gives her the chance to shine. Zoya is sassy, resilient, able to handle Nikolai (a feat in itself), a badass grisha, and has not got time for your shit. Basically, we stan. Zoya for Queen of Ravka.

Angel: An Extremely Broody Character

Image result for angel buffy gif

Victor Vale (Vicious – V.E. Schwab)


Ah, Victor. You’re certainly a very broody character. Admittedly, this is fairly understandable because: (a) he went to prison for years for a murder he committed accidentally, giving him plenty to brood about, (b) how else would he plot his nemesis & former friend’s demise?, and (c) it just fits his whole gloomy, anti-hero image. So, in Victor’s case, unlike some other’s, it actually works very well.

Spike: A Character with a Redemption Arc

Image result for spike buffy gif

Severus Snape (Harry Potter Series – J. K. Rowling)


To avoid reusing Holland from ADSOM for the millionth time, I’m going with Severus Snape. In fairness, I don’t think I’ve ever used this one in a book tag before despite how popular a choice it must be and how much I love HP. Snape definitely has some massive flaws and he’s far from being fully redeemed by the end of the series. However, our view of him as a character is certainly very much improved in Deathly Hallows by the introduction of a whole bunch of new info about past events.

Tara: A Book with a LGBTI Relationship

Barry Manilow Angel GIF

Alex & Henry (Red, White & Royal Blue – Casey McQuiston)


There are so many wonderful LGBTI ships out there in fictional land. I recently finished this book so it’s been on the brain which is probably why I jumped here first. However, it’s also probably because these two are so darn CUTE. Ahhhhhh. Alex is smart-mouthed and outgoing while Henry is a closet-nerd and major romantic. The two start out a bit rough but eventually their relationship develops into hilarious late night texting convos, sexy, secret rendezvous, and some genuinely sweet heart to hearts.

Anya: A Character Who Grew on You

Related image

Nesta Archeron (ACOTAR Series – Sarah J. Maas)


Yes, more SJM. I’m sorry I’m a cliche, okay.
If you happen to go through my read along posts for ACOTAR, you’ll find that I didn’t have many nice things to say about Feyre’s sisters early on. Nesta can be harsh, closed off and selfish, but after spending more time with her, I ended up loving that she was a more emotionally complex character. Some people will find it difficult to like her but I know she’s going to have her moment once the new series kicks into gear. Also, if she doesn’t end up with Cassian, I’ll riot.

Faith: A Character with Questionable Allegiances

Ashlinn Jarheim (Nevernight Series – Jay Kristoff)


Ah, Ashlinn. I can’t really say much on this one without giving away major spoilers to anyone who hasn’t read Nevernight. If that’s you, go do it already! Before book three comes out in September! I will say that she’s sassy, resourceful, and calculating, and I’m looking forward to seeing where she ends up at the end of the series. Somehow I doubt she’ll do any more plot twisty things but considering her character, you never can be entirely sure.

Are you a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan? I love finding people to gush about amazing TV shows with, especially older ones. If so, who’s your favourite character?

I definitely think it’s time for a re-watch!

Top 10 Tuesday: Book Adaptations I’d Like to Watch

This week’s Top 10 Tuesday topic is a freebie relating to Page to Screen. As I’ve already done two lists on great book adaptations and another on books I wish would be adapted, this time I’m doing a list of adaptations that I haven’t yet seen but would like to! Admittedly, I haven’t read many of the books these films & shows are adapted from, but I guess that doesn’t really matter all that much.

There are a lot of books out there where the rights have been purchased for adaptation or an adaptation is currently in the works but still a way off. For the purposes of this list, I’m just focusing on adaptations that have already been released or will be very, very soon.

Killing Eve (2018 – Present, Series)

Image result for killing eve

This series has been “killing” it lately (Drums: Ba dum tsh). But really, I have yet to hear a negative thing about it and it’s winning a bunch of awards. I love the fact that it features two strong female leads and Sandra Oh is absolutely fabulous. It’s about an MI5 agent, Eve, who becomes obsessed with catching a talented assassin known as Villanelle, leading to a high stakes game of cat and mouse between the two. The series is based on the Codename Villanelle novella series by Luke Jennings.

Good Omens (2019, Limited Series)

Image result for good omens

Okay, technically this adaptation isn’t out yet but considering it’s set to be released at the end of the month, it counts. Based on the book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, the series follows a demon, Crowley, and an angel, Aziraphale, who team up to prevent the end of the world following the coming of the anti-Christ. The series has a fantastic cast, with the two leads played by Michael Sheen and David Tenant (who are both amazing!). It just seems like it’ll be a lot of really weird fun.

Gone with the Wind (1939, Film)

Image result for gone with the wind poster

Both the book and movie adaptation of Gone with the Wind are considered classics. It’s one of those films that you see pop up every so often, mostly because people are quoting Rhett’s parting line. I’ve always been curious about seeing it and almost did watch it on a international plane trip but somehow it’s never happened. Maybe because it’s about 3 hours long? Still, I’d like to give it a go and see for myself how the failed romance between good old Scarlett and Rhett went so very wrong.

The Green Mile (1999, Film)

Image result for the green mile

People have been telling me how good The Green Mile is ever since I was a kid. It’s considered to be one of the better Stephen King adaptations and what can I say, it’s pretty much impossible not to like Tom Hanks. The film (& book) tells the story of an African American man who is charged with the murder of two young girls and brought to a correctional facility. Shortly after, the guards begin to notice him performing what appear to be miracles of healing. I’ve actually seen a few small snippets from this but I’d like to see the whole thing. I know the ending is sad, but I’m sure it’ll be a good watch.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018, Film)

Image result for the miseducation of cameron post poster

I’m not entirely sure why I’m keen to watch this one, I just am. The word is that Cameron Post is supposed to be a decent coming of age film with wit and emotion. It tells the story of a lesbian teen in the 90s who is sent to a conversion therapy centre by her conservative relatives after she’s caught kissing a girl on prom night. It’s always good to see stories not shying away from some of the murkier parts of history and featuring sexually diverse characters. At the very least, I think it’ll be something different from my usual.

V for Vendetta (2005, Film)

Image result for v for vendetta movie

I’ve been putting this one off for years now. Worse, we even have it on DVD and I STILL haven’t got there. Like, what are you doing, Ashley? Technically this one’s based off a comic series (by Alan Moore & David Lloyd) so I’m stretching the whole “book” thing here, but it’s an adaptation so I’m counting it. I like Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman so the idea of seeing them portray masked vigilantes using terror tactics to fight back against a fascist regime sounds pretty darn cool.

A Walk to Remember (2002, Film)

Related image

Yes, yes, we all like to make fun of old Sparky and his tear-jerker books, but there’s always a time and a place for them. This movie was extremely popular back when I was at school and yet, somehow I completely missed seeing it. Who knows how? I don’t mind The Notebook and I like Safe Haven, so I may end up enjoying this one. Next time I’m up for some emotional manipulation and a chance to get reacquainted with the black hole of sadness in my chest, I’ll pop it on.

After (2019, Film)

Image result for after poster

Yes, you read that right. This dumpster fire of a film is on my to-watch list – just look at the poster, for crying out loud. I haven’t read the book but after watching the trailer for the movie, I feel the desire to watch the damn thing just to see if it can possibly be as bad as it looks. Well, that and because guaranteed there will come a time in the future where I need some trash viewing. Come on, we all do it. I’m hoping to find a heap of so awkwardly bad moments, much like Fifty Shades (the toast!), that it ends up being funny.

The Expanse (2015 – Present, Series)

Image result for the expanse poster

Finally! A book I’ve actually read…that’s part of a series of seven other books which I have not read. Regardless, I like a good bit of sci-fi and I’ve heard great things about this series. Its fans love it so much that Netflix actually saved it when Syfy decided to cancel it. The plot is complicated – a ragtag crew of ice haulers travelling across the universe, a conspiracy that threatens galactic peace, and a police detective tracking down a missing woman. I’ve had this on my to-watch list since it first started but I’ve just never been in the right mood for it. I’m hoping I’ll get there soon.

The Man in the High Castle (2015 – Present, Series)

Image result for the man in the high castle poster

I love a good period piece and the concept of this series just sounds great. Based on the novel by Philip K. Dick, it looks at what would have happened had the Axis powers won WWII. The series is set in alternate 1962 and details what happens when several people mysteriously find reels of film showing Germany actually losing the war. I was a history major at university, so this kind of thing is right up my alley. Now that I’ve got an Amazon prime subscription, I should probably sit myself down and finally watch it.

And there we have it, ten adaptations I’d like to see. Sometimes adaptations are good, sometimes they’re…well downright terrible. I haven’t read the source material on a lot of these but I feel as though that can often be beneficial because there’s nothing to compare it to. Guess I’ll have to find out.

What book adaptations have been on your to-watch list for a while?

Top 10 Tuesday: Binge-Worthy TV Shows

It’s been a while since I last did a Top 10 Tuesday post so I thought it was about time I dive back in. This week’s topic is actually a non-bookish one for a change and relates to movies or TV. Like anyone, I love a good binge-worthy series – the ones that are so consuming you just have to watch the next episode, and the next, and the next, to find out what’ll happen. You know it’s good when you’ve watched so much that Netflix is checking whether it should play the next episode or not. TV tastes vary quite a lot so this is a hard list to create and still appeal to everyone. For that reason, here are ten shows that I, personally, binge-watched like a fiend (of which there are MANYYYYYY).

Stranger Things

stranger things netflix GIF

Gotta love a bit of 80s nostalgia. Stranger Things feels like if Spielberg and Stephen King had produced a TV baby. This is a binge watch for me every time I see it, especially since each season is only 8 episodes long. I love the characters (Dustin and STEVE!) and I’m a big fan of shows involving supernatural elements. For those few people who haven’t seen it, Stranger Things is set in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. After 12-year-old Will Buyers goes missing, Will’s friends and family launch an investigation which suggests the explanation may be otherworldly in nature.

TV 2

david fincher GIF by NETFLIX

There’s just something about twisted crime pieces that sucks me in. It’s a mood, okay? Don’t judge me. Mindhunter follows two FBI agents as they interview serial killers in an attempt to learn more about the way these individuals think in the hopes it will allow them to develop better profiling techniques. The acting is great and the show just has this gritty and dark atmosphere that’s so addicting. It’s also produced by director, David Fincher & actress, Charlize Theron. It’s not an action-packed kind of show but if you’re into slower, more subtle entertainment, it’s a solid pick.

TV 3

Image result for daredevil gif

I had to include at least one Marvel show on the list. I really loved Jessica Jones‘s first season but because I’m behind on season 2, I’ve gone with Daredevil. The action sequences are amazing, the characters are well done, and Charlie Cox is some serious eye candy. A blind superhero who’s not really blind is also a very cool concept. When the second season came out, only work was able to drag me away from my Netflix account.

TV 4

Image result for unreal tv show gif

This one is a major guilty pleasure binge. I’ll admit, I enjoy watching The Bachelor when it’s on (however, the Australian version is a little less insane than the US) and Unreal was created by a former producer on the US Bachelor & Bachelorette. The show is set behind the scenes of a very similar fictional tv series called Everlasting in which we witness the antics on set and the absolute crazy lengths creators will go to in order to keep making high rating TV. It’s got strong female leads and some of it is just hilarious (if a bit dark)

TV 5

Related image

Yes, this is a controversial one but having seen the first season twice and the second season once, I’ve binge-watched each time. If you weren’t already aware (where have you been??), the premise of the show is that following the suicide of student Hannah Baker, 13 cassette tapes she made are sent around to a group of people whom Hannah claims to be the reasons behind her decision to take her own life. I powered through season one because I had to know why Clay, the show’s protagonist, was included on the tapes and even then, I needed to see how it’d end. It’s a tough show to watch at times and definitely DO NOT if you have experienced depression or suicidal thoughts before. Otherwise, it’s deeply emotional, well acted and has some nice underlying messages about how we treat others.

TV 6

Image result for the end of the f***ing world gif

This show is so British, it hurts (in a good way, of course). It’s a very quirky, dark-comedy – a little bit Wes Craven, a tad Quentin Tarantino, and massively odd, but it’s also really funny and a hell of a ride. There’s only one season so far (greenlit for a second) and it’s 8 episodes long, perfect for binging. The show revolves around two teens –  angsty Alyssa, who wants to escape her home life, and James, who thinks himself a psychopath and is set on murdering Alyssa. The two decide to run away and end up on a road trip full of crazy stuff including a paedophile, exploding car, and petrol station attendant called Frodo. I wasn’t sure how I felt at the start but it really does grow on you in a way you don’t expect.

TV 7

Image result for broadchurch gif

Another crime series. I don’t watch many mass season crime shows these days, with every episode a different case. However, I do enjoy limited episode series with confined season long investigations. And because of the need to find out who did it and how, I tend to binge them. Broadchurch is a great watch. David Tenant (LOVE) and Olivia Coleman are absolutely fantastic and each of the three seasons is well written and fabulously filmed. The first season deals with the murder of an eleven-year-old boy and showcases the investigation, the impact the death has on his family, and the various personalities of people living in the small coast-side town.

TV 8

Lifetime Telly GIF

Oh, man. Now, this is guilty pleasure town. Netflix recently put a few older seasons of this up and I’m addicted. I will honestly sit for hours and just watch episode after episode of people frantically sewing clothes into the late hours of the morning and bitching about each other behind their backs. Reality tv at it’s most mind-numbingly enjoyable.

TV 9

Image result for buffy title gif

BtVS is one of my favourite tv series of all time. Easy. I could watch this thing through 1000 times and still not be sick of it. Yes, it can be a little campy and the special effects are definitely on the dated side, but it’s such a great show and one of Joss Whedon’s best productions. The characters are wonderful and the show itself perfectly straddles action, horror and comedy with some romance thrown in. Watching Buffy and friends kick ass and save the world from vampires, demons and everything else creepy-crawly is one of the best ways to spend a night in.

TV 10

Image result for gilmore girls gif

While the revival is certainly questionable, the first five or so seasons of Gilmore Girls are one of my favourite things to binge. Every time I watch, I feel like I’m teen again, watching with my mum. It’s such a comforting, heartwarming and fun show that never ceases to make me smile. Watching mother and daughter, Lorelai and Rory go about their lives and witnessing the crazy hijinks of the tiny town they live in is definitely my idea of bingeable entertainment. It’s also funny and ridiculously quotable. Oy, with the poodles already!

What are your favourite TV shows to binge watch?

And That’s a Wrap: August Edition

August comes to a close. Hello, September. It feels like every time I sit down at my computer it’s time to write another wrap-up. This was a good month in terms of the number of books I got read vs books I piled onto my TBR but not so great posting wise.

Books I Read

Some of you may have seen my post at the beginning of the month regarding my plans to undertake the NEWTs magical readathon hosted by booktuber, G @ Bookroast in August. I am very happy to say that I passed the readathon with flying colours and finished off the month with a total of 10 books! Overall I attained 4 NEWTs and my “grades” were:

  • Arithmancy – Outstanding
  • Transfiguration – Outstanding
  • Charms – Outstanding
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts – Acceptable

I largely stuck to my set out TBR (go me!) except for one exchange which was Sharp Objects for The Upside of Unrequited. Here’s what I read:

August Reads

P.S. I Still Love You – Jenny Han ★★★★

After the ending of the first book, I was so glad to finally get the cute Lara Jean and Peter reconciliation I wanted. That is until they split up again. Pffftttt. Still, I enjoyed this one. The series is fluffy and sweet in typical YA contemporary fashion, and I love the characters. John Ambrose was a really nice addition and I think this is another love triangle where I actually wouldn’t have minded either candidate. Who knows, later in life John and LJ may end up together. I do wish that there had been a better resolution to the game of tag and some sort of catharsis regarding LJ and Gen’s divide though.

Always and Forever, Lara Jean – Jenny Han ★★★.5

So the plot in this one is pretty minimal – it’s all ‘which college should I go to’, can our relationship survive, wah, wah, wah. But eh, I had a pretty good time anyway. Peter was a bit of a pain at times which made me a little cranky. Me: Come on, boy, you love the girl so don’t hold her back!  Then there was a moment toward the end when I was like: you two better not break up. I did not sit through three books for you to crush all my hopes and dreams. Luckily, all ended up well and the last iteration of the relationship contract was super adorable. Major awwwwws were made.

A Promise of Fire – Amanda Bouchet ★★★.5

I went into this one thinking it’d be more fantasy-fantasy than romance-fantasy so I was a little surprised. I ended up kind of guilty pleasure enjoying it though, even though it has a few problems. I mean, the story starts because the male lead kidnaps the MC and forces her to stay with him so they can use her magic = bit of a dodgy foundation for a r/shp. Still, the world building is okay, the side characters are good, the MC is kick-ass and the romance is steamy enough. Hopefully in book two there’ll be some more non-romance plotlines, the MC will stop ending up in life-threatening injury situations all the time, and she’ll finally tell everyone her damn secrets.

The Cheerleaders – Kara Thomas ★★.5 | Review

I was a bit disappointed with this one but I have a feeling I went in with too higher expectations for some reason. I was really hoping for an intense and twisty mystery but most of it fell flat for me. I didn’t really like how the mystery was resolved, especially since we’d been led to think it might have been bigger in scale than it was. Also, a lot of the characters felt quite underdeveloped. I did enjoy the friendship between the MC, Monia, and her classmate, Ginny though.

Circe – Madeline Miller ★★★★

Miller’s writing continues to be fantastic. At times, Circe almost feels like a collection of short stories with linking material to fill in the gaps. Some “stories” I found more interesting than others. There were times when I was really, really engaged and others when, weirdly, I was almost bored. I found this book really sad a lot of time, poor Circe had a bit of a rough life, so I was glad it ended on a more positive note. The characters were very strong and Miller did a great job of weaving together the mythology.

The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas ★★★★★

Fantastic. The writing, characters, themes – everything was A+.

Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn ★★★

After getting stuck into the HBO series, I couldn’t resist giving the book a go too. Just like Flynn’s other novels, this one’s far from happy. Every character has secrets and a dark side. Although it’s technically a mystery, the focus is more on the people than the murders. I liked it but I feel as though I would have enjoyed it more had I not accidentally found out who the killer was prior to the end. Still, both of the twists were good and Camille was a complex and sympathetic protagonist.

Soulless – Gail Carriger ★★★.5

For the first part of this book I was very unengaged and almost just going through the motions BUT after the first hundred pages I actually ended up having a fairly good time. It’s no masterpiece but it’s a fun urban fantasy with a spunky heroine. The romantic element is a bit out there but still pretty amusing. The writing is very tongue in cheek most of the time and I may read the sequel if I’m in the mood for something light, sexy and involving werewolves & vampires.

The Plastic Magician – Charlie N. Holmberg ★★.5 | Review

This was a very light and simple book. It’s almost like watching a Disney movie in written form – the good guys are oh, so good and the bad guy is basically a moustache-twirling villain. The plot is very straightforward – point A to point B and the romance is kind of sweet but forgettable. Overall, it’s an okay book, I was just a little bored. There’s nothing unexpected or bold, it is what it is.

Ash Princess – Laura Sebastian ★★★★

I knew to keep my expectations in check with this one, it’s nothing original, and surprisingly, I ended up enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would! I didn’t mind Theo as a protagonist – yes, she has a lot of back and forth and emotional turmoil but it’s pretty fair under the circumstances. I’m looking forward to seeing her come into her true badassery. The magic system was pretty interesting as well so I’d like to find out more in later books. I think there’s some decent potential here and I’ll probably continue with the series.

Books I Bought

After last month’s debacle in purchasing willpower, I only ended up with 6 new books on my shelves this month and two of them I read shortly after buying. At this point, I’m pretty proud of myself and I’m sure my bank account is thanking me, too.

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It was a bit of a weak month for me posting wise. I have a feeling I’ll be in a need of a break from blogging and bookstagram soon but we’ll see. Other than the two reviews linked above, here are my posts from August:

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Palo SantoI love popping on a bit of music while I blog and this month I’ve had two albums on repeat – Palo Santo by Years & Years and the new Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again Soundtrack. I’m really loving this direction for Years & Years – it’s darker and more intense, with some great beats. The Mamma Mia soundtrack is just a nice, happy album to put on. You can never go wrong with a bit of ABBA, really.


Image result for sharp objects hboI haven’t watched a lot of TV this month. For some reason, I’ve been gravitating towards movies a bit more. No clue why. However, I did get massively into the new HBO adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects. It’s a super slow burn kind of mystery and most of the characters are demented in some way, but I’ve enjoyed it. Amy Adams is a fantastic actress and I loved seeing her on the small screen. Also, the music choices in this series are amazing!

Related imageI’ve also finally gotten back into Poldark. My sister and I watched the second half of season 3 and have now gotten stuck into season 4 after picking up the DVDs over the weekend. I’d forgotten how much I love this show. The scenery is stunning and even though the plot can be a bit melodramatic, I’m still so here for it. Having Aidan as eye candy isn’t bad either…


Not much to report here, as usual. Work has started to pick up a little, but not as much as I’d like. I’ve been continuing to take driving lessons every week in the hope that I’ll eventually get my licence (it’s only been like NINE years).

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And…that’s a wrap!

How was your August? What was your favourite read?

Top 10 Tuesday: Best Book to Movie/TV Adaptations, Part 2

I wasn’t really in the mood to do this week’s TTT post because (a) it’s winter here, (b) then I have to ask, what the hell is a “winter read”, and (c) I’m likely to do a TBR post soon. Instead I’m doing an older topic from The Broke and the Bookish‘s archives which is top ten best/worst book adaptations. The criteria for making this type of list is always hard because is it a matter of how closely the adaptation followed the source material or is it about the quality of the actual adaptation? In my case, it’s usually a bit of both. I’m cool with the adaptation making changes to the book’s story as long as they’re good changes and don’t mess with my enjoyment of the movie/show. I actually did this same topic for a top ten last year but since then I’ve seen a few other adaptations that I’ve thought were pretty good. Then there were others that missed out on my original list. Besides, no-one’s ever said you can’t do the same topic twice. And well, if they have…er, my blog, my rules, I guess.Divider1

Related image

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

This is a dark and slightly odd book with a significant shift right in the middle. The movie does a great job of matching it’s eerie tone and remains very close to the book’s plot. Rosamund Pike is perfect as deranged “cool girl” Amy, while Ben Affleck also does a great job as her imperfect husband, Nick. The only thing I wish it’d done was include the couple’s final lines of dialogue.


Image result for thirteen reasons why book vs show

Thirteen Reasons Why – Jay Asher

Controversy aside, in my opinion TRW is a good adaptation of Jay Asher’s book and in a lot of ways, I think it even surpasses it. Often where adaptations deviate from their source material, it’s a bad thing but with this one it works well. The decision to spread Clay’s experience with the tapes over several days instead of one night and actually taking the time to flesh out each of the characters involved enhances the story and ideas of the novel rather than damages them.


Call Me By Your Name

Call Me by your Name – Andre Aciman

This is a beautifully written book, and although it’s difficult to transfer prose and imagery over to film easily, this adaptation manages to capture the tone of the novel instead through scenery, music, camera angles, and expressions. The set locations are stunning and the casting is absolutely perfect. Also, while the ending is a little different from the novel (which is sort of an extension on the film), it’s still fits the spirit of the story whilst still being damn heartbreaking.


Image result for love simon book vs movie

Love, Simon (Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda) – Becky Albertalli

I had high expectations for this one and to my relief, it met them. This is another adaptation where there were a few changes made to the plot, mostly in terms of cuts (likely for time reasons). However, the movie never strays from the feeling of the book and is always true to the characters. It’s super adorable, majorly feel-good, diverse, and an easy movie to re-watch.


Image result for the martian book vs movie

The Martian – Andy Weir

The success of The Martian as a book rests heavily on the humour, sass and strength of it’s main character, Mark, and this translated extremely successfully over to the adaptation. Matt Damon is fantastic in the role, as is the rest of the cast of famous faces. The movie’s funny, visually striking, and also manages to get a bit less bogged down in some of the scientific elements than the book, which is a big plus.



The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood

I had heard that this particular series was quite different from the book but after recently, finally, watching it, I found it to actually be quite similar. Yes, some of the ages are different and you get a lot more background with regards to the characters and how Gilead came about, but for me these additions have enhanced the story and answered a lot of questions that I know I had while reading the book. The acting is great all around and the show itself is extremely addictive, even if it’s sometimes hard to watch.



It – Stephen King

I don’t usually do horror movies, at all. I am the biggest wuss you will ever meet but I was determined to see the 2017 movie adaptation of this book and despite looking through my fingers at several points, I really, really enjoyed it. The child actors are all great in their roles and Pennywise is damn scary. Although the movie only focuses on the child part of the book, it’s still a HUGE book and they did a great job cutting down the story while still keeping the important parts intact. Definitely looking forward to part 2 next year.



And Then There Were None – Agatha Christie

There have been a lot of adaptations of this particular story, because it’s just so good! In this instance though I’m referencing the 2015 BBC mini-series. This version dwells on the darker undertones in Christie’s story, making it a little bit more modern somehow but it still remains both stylish and true to the novel, right to the very, bitter end. Also, it doesn’t hurt that there’s some eye candy in the form of Mr Aidan Turner.



Divergent – Veronica Roth

Say what you will about the later entries in the series, both films and books (*cough* they sucked *cough), but I really like the adaptation of the first book (Yep, judge away, I know). I’ll admit, they did cut out and strip down some characters (e.g. Edward), and rework certain plot elements but I liked the casting and the story changes never really impaired my enjoyment of the movie. Now I just happily watch it as a stand-alone.


Image result for the fault in our stars book vs movie

The Fault in Our Stars – John Green

Alright, I’m not a huge John Green fan but having read the book and seen the movie for this particular one, even I have to say that it’s a well done adaptation that should have satisfied fans of the book. The actors are chosen well  (Shailene does a great job as Hazel), the plot sticks closely to the book, the tone of the movie is very JG-esque, and the ending is still grab your tissues worthy (okay, well, for those people that aren’t me).

BonusRelated image

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Stieg Larsson

Two adaptations were made of this novel, one English speaking and the other in Swedish and surprisingly, both of them are not only very close to the book but well done too. The actors in each version do a great job bringing the characters to life, especially Rooney Mara and Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth, and the plot is mysterious and engaging. Be warned though, this isn’t a lighthearted book and neither movie shies away from the darker content.


And there we have it, another top ten done and dusted. Was there a favourite of yours that I missed? It might have been on my first list on this topic published last year. You can find that Top 10 here.

What are some recent adaptations that you’ve enjoyed?

Love Ashley