Review Policy & Rating System

Hey, there! Here you’ll find my policy for reviewing books and the rating system I use.

PolicyWhile I tend to read a fair amount of fantasy and young adult novels, I do go outside these genres quite regularly if it’s a really great book.


  • Fantasy – My true love in life – high, urban, young adult, anything really!
  • YA
  • Some Crime
  • Historical Fiction
  • Chick-Lit
  • Occasional horror and thriller
  • Some contemporary fiction


  • Literary classics – I’m sorry, but most of the time they bore me to tears and make me feel like I’m back at school, reading something because I have to.
  • Non-fiction – rarely interests me
  • Romances with little else to the story besides the romance
  • Erotica – links into the above line. I have no problems reading books with explicit scenes but not when they’re the entire plot.
  • Poetry
  • Religious themes – Not where they’re the main focus of the book.
  • Short stories – I’m more a novel kind of person

Rating System

I rate books on a five star scale. Simple and easy.



I wasn’t a fan of the book at all. I’ve struggled to finish it. It may be that the plot was frustrating or didn’t make sense, maybe the characters were unlikeable, or perhaps the book simply failed in its intent. Either way, would not recommend.



Books rated at two stars aren’t awful, but they certainly aren’t anywhere near good either. It’s likely that I’ve enjoyed certain aspects of the book but they’ve been almost buried by the books larger flaws. It’s something I’m unlikely to read again or to recommend to anyone.



Good books! They’ve got a decent plot, some good characters, and are a reasonably enjoyable way to spend a few hours. However, they have a few issues or I’ve had difficulty emotionally connecting with them. Don’t really stand out much from the rest of the books in the genre. If the book is part of a series, there’s probably a fifty-fifty chance of me wanting to continue. I may recommend the novel but I’m not going to gush over it.



Great books! If I’ve given it four stars, it’s something I consider to be a really great read. There may be a few nagging problems but overall I’d definitely tell my friends about it. The book usually falls into one of two categories:

(a) Books that are probably not the most amazingly constructed stories ever but for some reason, I absolutely loved the characters, the dialogue, and the story.

(b) Books which I may not have fallen completely in love with but based on their solid characters, fantastic world-building, great writing style, and originality, I know they’d definitely be something others would love and it’d be a crime to give them less than four.



If I’ve given the book five stars, I absolutely loved it. It’s something you can be sure I’ll read again in the future. In the weeks post finishing, I’ll be googling everything to do with it. The characters will be fantastic, the plot engaging, and the writing extremely well done. If it’s a series, my excitement for the next book will be off the charts!


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