Review Policy & Rating System

Welcome to The Infinite Library. Here you’ll find my policy for reviewing books and the rating system I use to do so.

Review Requests: Not Currently Accepting from Indie or Self-Published Authors

Before contacting me regarding a review request, please read the information below:

  • I accept review copies/ARCs in physical book and kindle supported e-book formats.
    • Note for physical copies, I do live in Australia so keep this in mind.
  • Although I do read and review other genres, I only accept requests for young adult books and adult fantasy books. However, I do work on a case by case basis as I’m very much a mood reader so if I decline your request, don’t take it to heart – it’s not you, it’s me.
    • My preferred YA genres are Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Retellings & Paranormal
  • My reviews are posted to my blog, The Infinite Library, and to Goodreads. I can also post to Amazon if requested.
  • I always try to ensure that my reviews are honest and my feedback is constructive. I also regularly remind readers that my views are subjective and others may have differing opinions. Please don’t send a request if you are uncomfortable with negative feedback.

If you would like to make a request, contact me at with the following info:

  • Title & Author of book
  • Publisher (or self published if applicable)
  • Genre
  • Blurb
  • Format for Review
  • Page Count

Below you’ll find my system for rating and reviewing books. I use a basic star system (including half stars) which is pretty easy to follow. My reviews are purely my opinion and while I do always try to be honest, I also do my best to avoid being cruel or attacking authors/publishers.

1 Star: Did not like. Simple as that.

2 Stars: Eh. A few okay things but not for me.

3 Stars: A solid read but missing something.

4 Stars: Great! I really enjoyed this.

5 Stars: Amazing. I loved it.

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