Bookish Fun: Book Covers with Autumn Vibes

Everyone has a favourite season. Mine, by a long way, is Autumn. I love watching the leaves change colour from green to gorgeous shades of red, orange and yellow, and finally getting to break out my warmer wardrobe again (I own A LOT of sweaters). While all you northern hemisphere people are enjoying the first few weeks of spring, in the southern hemisphere I’m currently throwing my usual ‘Thank god, summer is over party’. With this in mind, I thought I’d do a fun little post to showcase some book covers which really capture those Autumn feelings. Leaves, warm colour schemes, coziness, rustic vibes, all that wonderful goodness. Enjoy!

Did I miss any notable ones? What’s your favourite Autumn feeling book cover?

5 thoughts on “Bookish Fun: Book Covers with Autumn Vibes

  1. This is one of the prettiest posts I’ve ever seen! 😍 Autumn is by far the nicest season. We’re just moving into spring up in the northern hemisphere but all these beautiful covers are making me miss the colours of autumn 🍂🍁

    1. Thanks Abi! I love Autumn colours so I thought why not do a whole post full of them. 🙂 Autumn is definitely my favourite season. Spring is good but it’s tainted by the fact that I know Summer comes next. 😦 Very happy to be in the southern hemisphere at the moment.

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